Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Densyl - Dazed

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Densyl and I had a fairly hard time of the first three of his tracks I reviewed but that was down more to my own personal taste than anything that Densyl might have been doing wrong. Other than straying into musical areas I do my hardest to avoid like, for example, anything even remotely smooth. Thankfully he didn't take it to heart though and neither should he because I've even roughed up some very good friends over the years for doing the smooth on me. All that changed however with the collaborative effort that is Hope Is All About (March 2010), an absolutely wonderful track with a message everyone should hear and take note of, even - as I mentioned in the review - hard hearted Englishmen like yours truly. In a song eerily reminiscent of early Beach Boys, Matt Tyson gave one of the most stellar vocal performances its been my pleasure to hear and this is smooth I can definitely endure.

I am well aware of the divide I straddle in being a musician and writing about other musicians, and the balance I have to maintain for my own sanity. I am not foolish enough to think that my view changes anything, and neither is it supposed to; I try to take each track as a separate experience set against what I may have heard from that artist before. There haven't been many that have done complete 180 turns on me, so step forward Densyl and Dazed. He says 'Here's a new song in a new genre for me', and 'A kick ass rock song'. When I picked myself up off the floor, I examined this wildly improbable claim with more than due diligence and - although I found areas of disagreement - I think on balance I'd say that he has a pretty good song here, and a reasonably able backing track too.

I can't honestly say that this is a 'kick ass rock song' because, frankly, it isn't. What it is though is certainly worth a listen and yea verily a comment or two from you lazy lot. As I said above, I think Dazed has all the making of being a really good song; the structures right, the pace is right but somehow this doesn't come across in this version. Of course, as Densyl knows, doing things on your own has its own inbuilt foibles and that will always come out in the mix but even here there isn't much I would pick fault with. So although I can appreciate it in its present form, to me this does sound like an unfinished track. I think it would benefit the song enormously if Densyl was able to tighten it up a notch and really BELT that vocal out :)

Recommended rock song.

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