Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dogs and Bones - Artist Overview

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Look, don't be starting! Not having a good day, ya see. Not that I have to explain myself but.... It's an artist overview because I have around six tracks from this band and I'm not sure if its an album or even - at this stage - whether I have the right band. There again, there aren't going to be too many Dogs and Bones around, especially when you discount real dogs and bones but what convinced me was the description of this band. Gotta love this, listen. 'Dogs and Bones is a Surf Psychedelic, Motown, Rockabilly, Blues and all round Rock Band from Los Angeles (Ed: Oh well that explains it for me then...) Have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical about the motown/rockabilly mix but hey, I like to be surprised and I've heard stranger things happening. Usually in Los Angeles actually, but that's yet another story. Mind you, having done me likkle research, it's fairly obvious that this trio have a good pedigree between then and that, presumably, we are in for something more professional than most. In point of fact, Steve Loria bassist with D&B also played in one of my all time favourite rock bands, and a seminal influence on my own musical career, that band was called Spirit.

You would think that with that kind of stuff going for you, nothing could go wrong...

Los Angeles, in many musical ways, is like any major city; it's a tough gig and you better have your wits about you to take it on. Big cities are also, as I mentioned a time or two before, one of the best training grounds around because the competition is so fierce. When, for example, you are playing at a world famous venue such as LA's Viper Room, you better deliver. Having experienced La La land personally I can hear the difference between West Coast and East Coast rock bands, and it's quite significant, particularly when it comes to style. To me LA music has always spoken with big gestures, and Dogs and Bones are a prime exponent of that, and musically tough as old boots into the bargain. Rock band with a capital Kerrrannng. (Sometimes) It's Better Not To Know and Lucious, the first two tracks out of the zipfile, really show exactly why this band would flourish and thrive in such a musical hothouse. As I said, given the buildup, I was expecting much and Dogs and Bones delivered it with ease. Fine musicians, and great alternative rock songwriters, professionally recorded, and pumping adrenaline directly to your pleasure centres.

Weird thing though, I got some funny B-52's vibe off the next couple of tracks but I guess that may be the rockabilly (or the drugs) kicking in. See, while the first two tracks were exactly what I expected, Let's Distract Ourselves is a strange blend that, nonetheless, does the job with great skill. No doubt in my mind that if you live in LA this is a band worth checking out live, there is an undeniable raw power here that has so many echoes it gladdens an old fart's heart (should he possess one in the first place, that is). For me, the standout track is, far and away, Leave Me Alone. Sounding like a (very) much more polished Oasis in their prime, this to me is an obvious hit, snagging the listener from the very start, prime single material. She's The Girl is a nice slice of ass-on-fire music, straight ahead rock in the time honoured fashion with some brilliant lyrics. The Way, the last of the six tracks I have, is pretty much classic rock in feel but there is no doubt this is a great showcase for the band's talents and infinitely rock-radio friendly. All of these tracks (I assume) will be on the band's upcoming album called - not unsurprisingly Dogs And Bones. Unsigned yes, but surely not for much longer.

Rock with breadth and depth. Highly Recommended.

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