Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bernard Gervais - Xis

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Now do I look like the kind of person who would understand what an Xis is when its at home? Moreover, although I am aware that Bernard Gervais is a very fresh face around Soundclick, I can see absolutely zero information on him (yes, and the mysterious Xis of course so don't be touching it). About all I can gather is that Bernard is from Canada and he is twenty one and so was I for about 10 years before finally being rumbled that I was four times that. (Ed: eh?? censor!! censor!!!). It's also apparent that Bernard has a taste for these enigmatic song titles. The five tracks on his Soundclick page, Ebbe, Foiaye, Xis, Oll and Foo, definitely give the game away. Either he is picking at random or he is from some far distant star where it probably translates as Autumn Showers or Cradled in Splendour. There again, it could just be something as simple as Suck My Face Right Off, who is to say?

Anyway, enough speculation, proceed....

Actually I would be proceeding but, sadly enough, there isn't very much in which to proceed anywhere. Xis is as enigmatic as its title, coming in at a miserly thirty three seconds, consisting - apparently - of the fastest guitar playing you've ever heard. Either that or its speeded up to make it even more incomprehensible. I guess it was a stroke of luck that this ended up back to back with 333maxells ukulele piece because it dovetails into that quite neatly although I think 333maxwell may have a different opinion about the matter.

See, I say apparently guitar playing because I am not sure this is a guitar, or at least not in a conventional sense and its similarity to the ukulele is obvious when put against a uke track. There again because of its brevity its kind of hard to form any conclusion really. The first couple of times I played this, I wasn't sure whether it was a joke or not. I went online and checked that the version I had is the version that the Soundclick player plays, and it seems to be. No problems then with download glitches getting in the way. So, all in all, I think I'm fairly baffled as to what exactly this is, other than some good picking (but not nearly enough of it to make me go ohhhh yeahhhh. Now you KNOW I'm not going to leave it there so let me tell you that all five tracks are like this, speedy beyond belief and about as short.

???? Enquiring minds want to know

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