Saturday, August 21, 2010

deep'n'dark - Hackers

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Although it feels like I've been around Soundclick for a thousand years, reality shows a different story. However, I was around for some of the seminal events that made Soundclick the massive site it is today (certainly on an unsigned level) and the years 2003/4/5 have that golden quality. Soundclick literally busted from its seams with talent (and still does, but in a different way) in almost every genre but some areas stood out more than others. I think anyone who was around and witnessed the incredible Electronica scene of those years when names like Adam Fielding, Bonamici, dcallen, Frequen-Cee and many, many others were changing the very meaning of the word electronica (at least for this reviewer). See, initially I wasn't very keen on the genre, mainly because I had come out of the early MOD scene which was swamped by bad, bad, bad 'dance' or 'space' electronica. Still gives me nightmares.

The reason you find me wallowing in the glorious past (a hobby with us old farts) is because deep'n'dark is a name from the Soundclick Electronica era but you might know him better these days as Heikki Roots (aka Reflexion X, a Finnish musician I have come to appreciate more lately under his new name. Can't say I really heard much back in the day, but that's because of me, not what deep'n'dark were doing. Although Heikki says this was made under the deep'n'dark name, it was uploaded just recently so I have no idea if this has been touched up (if you know what I mean). It is billed as Electronic Big Beat and I can see why, especially when you play it very, very, very loud. When I've finished rebuilding my walls, I'm gonna send him the bill.

Because I know this musician, I guess I have become used to his vocal style (English is not his mother tongue obviously) and I think I've mentioned before that his accentis often noticeable. What I wouldn't do is go as far to say that the lyrics and vocal in this song didn't work - as someone commented. The truth is, IMO they worked perfectly, as indeed did the track itself which gives you just the slightest charge of the kind of power that the early electronica scene thrived on. It's a solid, meaty piece of music and about the only thing that MAY have been offputting is the (slight) accent. Mind you, play it a few times and you won't even notice any more and its such a ridiculously small thing when set against the fire-breathing musical monster this track is. Now, about these walls, young man...

Highly Recommended Big Beat.

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