Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Maddie Jones - Green and Blue

Hear The Track Here

I know I'm probably wasting time with this, but does anyone remember this lovely lady? Funny that, because I only reviewed Dirty Little Secret (July 2010) last month as you can see and yet there is this big discussion going on in the Critics Corner forum about the lack of female musicians asking for reviews. Welp, I guess my Soundclick friends need to get out some more because there are a great many talented females out there, God knows I've found a few in my time. Maddie is a Welsh lass, from South Wales in fact, an area - as I mentioned in my last review - full of music history. Dirty Little Secret showed me that Maddie has it in recorded sound (this being a track from her new EP, properly recorded and with a band) but what about her normal environment; acoustic and/or unplugged?

Now, funny you should ask that...

I mentioned in that review that the tune wasn't really what I expected from her, and surprisingly enough, this one is. What impressed me most about Dirty Little Secret is that it was an excellent song and right in the modern groove too. It showed that Maddie has a voice that demands interest but, to me anyway no matter how much I liked it, it didn't put across the real quality of the woman, if you know what I mean. Green and Blue does though, and much more besides. I knew from the opening chords that this was going to be a bit special and that impression has grown with every playing. See, Maddie is a live, gigging musician and what I expected to hear was what she sounded like live - and this is it and its just gorgeous.

It takes a very great deal to make an impact with a guitar, a voice and a song. You got to be pretty good (and talented) to be able to pull it off successfully. OK, having said that, go and take a listen to this track and you tell me whether Maddie does that or not because I'm convinced. Listen, this is the kind of voice that sends shivers down your spine, what is not to like? Much more to the point, she's a very decent guitarist too, accompanying herself admirably. There is a video of the song here at a festival somewhere with stand up bass accompaniment that suits it just as well. For quality though, listen to the track on either of her sites and hear a budding diva in action. Beautiful.

MUST HAVE Acoustic song.


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