Tuesday, August 17, 2010

333maxwell - That's Why The Band Keeps Playing

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But we can call it addiction. That's why the band keeps playing, or at least this band does. Comprised of the lone, but forceful and manly figure, of Chas Holman, 333maxwell have carved a very large niche for its musical works and other doings on Soundclick and on the Soundclick forums, notably the Critics Corner. For those who have just joined us in this exciting musical world 333maxwell has only been around for about (Ed: a hundred years (sigh)) three years or so but has a string of Must Haves from me a mile long. Moreover, in 2009 alone he had NINE of the little beauties and that's never been done before. Which is why he also became my Artist Of The Year 2009 to boot. Yep, Chas pushes all the right buttons, and I am not alone in this. His reputation for spotless, inspiring music is well deserved, and I'm pretty sure you would find something to suit your particular taste too. See, he's a little bit on the prolific side, and he's not one to tread in one genre when he can straddle them all. Go. Check it out. So, now that we've nailed down the REASON he's addicted (it's the unending fame I tell ya!!), lets taste some of his sugar.

Oh yeah baby (Ed: Stop. Now.)

You may remember me being all grass skirt and fluttering eyelids when I reviewed Island (June 2010) or maybe you choose to blank out that horrifying image, but I'm sure the track would have more than made up for it. Island is a track written in memory of Don Ho. a popular Hawaiian musician. That's Why The Band Keeps Playing, so I am informed, follows on from that. Well, kind of, in so far as the track consists of one soprano ukulele and one mic to capture young Holman in full croon mode. Chas said that this track was 'likely the least involved song I have ever sent you' and I'd say that was about right. If this was any more stripped down we'd be seeing its insides, making it IMO, an instant contender for the ewww factor to be displayed by a great many people. Come on, how many people do you know who would knowingly confess to hearing - let alone liking - a guy and a ukulele. More to the point, how many can you name?

Being a gen-u-wine old fart with bar and wrinkles, I even remember George Formby, probably one of the better known ukulele musicians of the middle 20th century, albeit with a distinctive English flavour. So, I do appreciate a good uke piece, and That's Why The Band Keeps Playing is exactly that. And nothing more. At all. No fan dance, so screeching bargirls and certainly no second drinks. So I'd hazard a guess and say that if you didn't understand a word I have been saying for the past God knows how long, this track is not for you. If, however, you know of the power of 333, then you'll already have this in your collection. Sparse for sure, but a lovely sound on the ukulele and some excellent crooning from whatshisname.

Highly Recommended Acoustic Interlude.

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