Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lovablemikey - The Fun Garden

Hear The Track Here

So there I was looking at the last tracks in the review bag and thinking 'well that wasn't so bad, was it?' Lovablemikey is a new name to me from Soundclick and he, she or it has no information on the page whatsoever and only one track, this one. Again, you might be thinking 'that wasn't too bad was it?' but then you haven't been to the page and read the song comment which goes like this: 'part of the "Super Mario Brothers" inspired album I am creating' and if that doesn't scare you, obviously nothing will. Certainly made me reach for my brown trousers, I'll tell you. The problem being, of course, that most hated of genres Games Soundtracks which IMHO should stay in the games they were made for.

I must have eaten my fill of those wild 'n' wacky 8 bit sounds back in the old MOD days, luckily times have moved on and the sounds with them because The Fun Garden didn't make me sick at all, So, not really game music then? Well yes, I suppose you could stretch a point and say that it would fill that purpose but also - and more favourably for me - it stands up on its own as a piece of music. Weird, electronic fukry of music sure enough so if you don;t particularly go for electronica this is probably not for you. If you are not interested in games soundtracks in the slightest then you would have stopped reading long ago.

Actually, what most kept me listening to this track wasn't its structure, its charm or even its cleverness. Nope, all my two braincells were focused on whether or not that was a sampled theremin or indeed a theremin in the flesh (so to speak). If its a theremin sample, its a bloody good one and if its an actual theremin then case closed. Whatever, for me, this element is what made the track happen although - it has to be said - that once you really listen to the music it's got its own charm, albeit of the wild 'n' wacky variety. Mind you, this is a track from a forthcoming album called Odnetnin (figure it out for yourselves) so what do you expect. Now, get back to collecting coins or I'll jump on your head...

Whimsical odd electronica. Recommended.

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