Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twisted Angel - Sippin' On Venom

Hear The Track Here

Got to love that title eh? but why is it that we always realise that AFTER we've tied one on? One of life's enduring mysteries. Twisted Angel, in case ya didn't know, is an interesting artist from Canada, not that Canada isn't wall to wall with interesting artists, it's just that they ALL seem to be on Soundclick. I've reviewed about a half a dozen of this musicians tracks and they have always proved to be worthwhile listens, if not anything that's going to set the world on fire. Mind you, the interesting thing is what kind of music he does, veering from goth rock, through rap and hip hop and even a touch of punk n grunge, Twisted Angel definitely mixes it up more than most.

Sippin' on Venom is a track from The Dirty Bazement mixtape which you can download for free from Twizzie's Myspazz page, and contains the immortal line 'sippin on this Hennessy,and such helps me see'. The only thing it ever made me see is woozily but there again I have a known defect, alchohol does me in for days after a binge (Ed: that's when he has a beer the wuss) Still, each to their own. Music this time is from the mighty Shadowville Productions one of the very best Soundclick beat factories. I've probably heard most of their output one way or another and they have never delivered anything less than excellent music tracks.

Twizzie fills in as many gaps as he can, and doing a fine job of of it too. What is particularly noticeable is the ease with which he syncs up to the track - not an easy track let me tell you - and, of course, his words and rap. I noticed that another familiar rapper is involved with this project too, so maybe I'll go and have a listen to the rapper known as E.J.A.Y and Twisted Angel mixing it up. A pretty potent combination in my books. So, while Sippin' On Venom isn't as adventurous as some of Twizzie's previous tracks, its right in the hip hop pocket, showing the the whole mixtape would be worth downloading.

Excellent indie hip hop. Highly Recommended.

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