Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dark Arts - Neva Nawtee -yeah it's a big one =D

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I print the title exactly because I sure as hell am not going to type that a million times, thank God for cut and paste eh? Dark Arts is the new(ish) name for Shane Simpson's (previously of Solidsounds) electronica project, and I've already reviewed a couple of his tracks under this name and quite liked what I heard, even though dance is his main area. I've never been that fond of dance electronica at the best of times so anybody is going to struggle to get my attention and I guess Dark Arts has had to do that more often then not. Looking back over the reviews, it certainly seemed like he got away lightly and maybe I was having a mellow moment...

Yeah, as if...

So lets get the bad stuff out of the way right now. This track is home produced in every way so if such things as lo-fi bother you, best look away now. Personally, it never bothers me unless its really blatant and guess what Neva Nawtee is? Rude? Well, yes of course it's rude but in a funny way and besides I was talking about home production not home (indoor anyway) sports. Not that there is much wrong with it other than a roughly cobbled together sound, it's actually quite a good track and certainly something a little adventurous, at least vocally.

Let me introduce you to a modern day musical villan, its called Autotune and I hates it. There, I said it. It's a main feature of this track, although to give it credit, not used to overshadow everything. It's used more as an effect right throughout the vocal, which I suspect needs it because its delivered in a kind of talking whisper and keeping pitch when doing that is a pig. I say adventurous because the vocal isn't what you would expect, sounds like Dark Arts just having some imaginative fun and not really caring too much about the nicer points. On that level it works, as does the detail of the track, which belies it's homespun feel. Not, to my mind going to be hugely popular because of these things but nice try.

Interesting but flawed.

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