Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ron Vogel - Human

Hear The Track Here

Little does Ron Vogel know it but this month he has had a lucky escape from the Ire of Gilmore. See, no matter how many times (or how many ways) I state that I will not review from audio streams, downloadable files only stuff, I just can't seem to get people to understand that. Ron has been a bit bad in that respect lately (probably totally innocently) but it does get to me. So, there I was all for ignoring his stream link and then I noticed how well this particular track was doing in the 20th CC compo and I know that the CC crew (Ed: Critics Corner posters) can be a right hard faced bunch when it comes to the vote so a track pretty much HAS to stand out for it to score. Last time I looked, this was scoring big, big. Curiosity piqued - and suitably chagrined for my parsimonious attitude - I went over to have a listen and discovered that it was downloadable and if I wasn't such a lazy bastard in the first place I wouldn't have ever twisted myself in this knot.

I know, I know...TMI.

As it happens, I am glad I did and I can see exactly why the hardest critics on the CC forum were won over. Human is a wonderful dash of cold water to the face - as it were, My first reaction to it was a protracted wooooaaahhh and anyone who knows me knows that this is my staggered sound. I don't want to get into the habit of quoting myself but it's maybe relevant in this respect. When I reviewed Anthem (May 2010) I wrote ' he can write a very decent song indeed but not one I have yet found cause to rave about but - if this track is anything to go by - I think it's just a question of time' and if that isn't seeing into the future I don't know what is. So next week, I'll be discussing what you will be having for breakfast.

On a more serious note (Ed: as ******* if) I think it's this tracks freshness and immediacy that has garnered so many friends. For sure, I went investigating with a certain amount of forewarning but I think my initial reaction to this would have been the same whether I had preconceptions about it or not. Human is that kind of track. Basically rock at root, Human bounds out of the starting gate and just keeps improving with every listen. The backing/counterpoint vocals in this are a bit special too, although somewhat excited and slightly strained upon further listening. However, that is mere sniping because, when all is said and done, Human is a great song with a splendid arrangement that deserves more attention.

Highly Recommended rock.

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