Thursday, June 17, 2010

Satellite 3 - Apathy

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Satellite 3 appear to be a brand spanking new addition to Soundclick and are, as you would expect I suppose, a three piece Alternative band from the US. None of which, I suggest, we hold against them. At least not yet. Apathy is, apparently, the first song Justin Storie, Joey Saha and Aaron Cook wrote together so I guess the band is fairly new too. There's not a lot of information about them and only two tracks on the webpage, this and Ghost, so there's not a lot beside the music to hang a hook on. Mind you, I am partial to a bit of Alternative (even shoe gaze) and from the first play of Apathy I got the impression I was in for lots of both and consequent plays only reinforced that opinion.

Having lived through years and years of miserable rock (think Manchester bands) and their general pissing and moaning at all aspects of life, I can't say I am a big fan of knowing everything the songwriter is feeling, unless - that is - he or she finds a structure to put the whole thing across properly. The sad truth is that a great many of us 'internet musicians' just don't have the kit for that, so we make do with what we have, and that appears to be the case here. There is a distinct lo-fi, home produced sound about Apathy that I found initially off-putting but I've been there before more than a few times and know that - in this case - first impressions don't always count.

Two things made this track for me. The first is that I was expecting the usual jangly guitars that seem to infest this genre and find that Apathy is driven by a piano riff that is incredibly catchy. Although the vocals start out kinda nervous and hesitant, they do finally take off around the first chorus and don't slip below a certain level for the rest of the song. On that basis alone, Satellite 3 would be worth checking out from time to time, at least for this reviewer because I do see some real potential here. 'fraid the rest of you will have to make up your own minds by having a listen for yourselves. Best not to do it if you are having a bad day though, eh?

Recommended Alternative.

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