Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Brainplant - Divine Intervention

Hear The Track Here

Not, as you might imagine, a new name. more a covering for a couple of well known internet music veterans; in this case being the artists known as Tedd-Z and iOD!NE respectively. I seem to have known Tedd-Z since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, although I've only encountered iOD!NE a few times and even reviewed a track or two in the past. In case you were wondering, and even if you weren't, iOD!NE is a guitarist by nature and the two tracks of his I have reviewed - Meander (December 2007) and NYC Subway (February 2008) show that the man knows what he's doing and both tracks are rock solid, Meander even getting a Must Have.

Tedd-Z? Well, he's just plain weird. Good weird, but weird weird.

He's always been a bit of electronica freak but I have noticed in later tracks (say over the last year or so) that he has considerably upped his production game as well as experimenting with some of the tightest rhythms he's ever worked with. All in all, I do prefer this new, muscular Tedd-Z. Try the awesome blockrocker Senseless Logic (March 2008) and the just as good Silver Spear (January 2010) for fine examples of Tedd-Z in full spate. Both tracks are akin to having your head reshaped by a blunt, heavy object with the punching power of a ballpeen hammer, all set to a rocking, rollocking rhythm that barks at your heels if you don't keep up.

Suffice to say, I was looking forward to hearing this then. I think, in fact, that I have reviewed a Tedd-Z/iOD!NE collab before but my memory isn't what it once was (Ed: it never was in the first place. Even at school they used to call you 'eh?') Divine Interventon turns out to be pretty much the usual tomfoolery that I associate with Tedd-Z, all slaved to an insane beat, and sliced and diced into itty bitty pieces by the axework of iOD!NE. Not sure if the new name is for some purpose as yet to be made clear but I for one am glad to see that nothing has changed with this collaboration, they can still cut it and to spare... Heavy, heavy rhythms and some fine guitar playing, what more could a poor boy want?

Highly Recommended blend of D&B and rock.

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