Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bodiesmusic - Shaking Hands

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Yeah but whose body? Anybody? More to the point, can bodies also sing the blues? Stick tight, these and other important questions await your eyeballs. So Jon Partelow? (Ed: eh? eh? how did he get in here?) Jon Partelow has a body (at least I presume so) and the last we saw of it, it was performing with the excellent - but sadly deceased - Can't Stop The Daggers. Time proved that you could indeed stop them, and more is the pity because they were - in my delusional world anyway - one of the brighter sparks in the unsigned scene and one that had so much potential it was stupid.

Ahhh, c'est la vie.

Jon Partelow and I have crossed paths many times since I first met him on Table Fate (January 2006) as the solo (and magnificent) HELLbus. It was obvious from that first track that Jon was a man of many talents and chief among them was a particular style and sensitivity when crafting his involving pop music style. Big ******** words eh? Well, I know Jon can back them up so nrrr. So, we've established that Bodiesmusic is the new Partelow vehicle and guess what, CSTD's Emily Shahlick is another main mover behind the project so on paper, it should prove worthwhile listening...and then your ears are blown off.

Absence, the old saying goes, makes the heart grow fonder and that proves to be the case here sure enough. I'm surprised how much I missed this direct, uncluttered but utterly listenable musician and songwriter and I wish him and Emily the best of luck. Not that they need it. To my ears, Shaking Hands, merely simplifies what CSTD was all about: the song. That's about all you'll get with Shaking Hands, although its accompanied by some spirited acoustic guitar playing and some very tasty vocal licks. Sometimes, to be honest, its a bit too spirited if you know what I mean but hey I am not complaining. Class song, if a bit demo-ish.

Highly Recommended Alternative Indie.

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Kulamafi said...

Thank you Mr Gilmore....mostly disappointed I can't send you a physical daggers cd...but promise a lot of our best work is on the way! This just happened to be the laSt song before my audio hardware quit functioning...sigh but soon we will be back in business! Thank you for your gracious and thoughtful review. Always a highlight of my month... all the best until I have a few more polished ones to send your way...