Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jared Lekites - Electric Car Ballet

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Although you will find Jared Lekites on Soundclick, you will not find this track. You may remember me reviewing Love That Lasts (February 2010) which, as it happens, is also a track from the Looking For Diamonds EP which contains The Electric Car Ballet into the bargain. Two of the tracks are on Soundclick along with a more than passable version of Neil Young's Harvest - should you like that kind of thing. Strangely enough, this review request came through the blog so I'm a bit confused, does Jared not know about the Soundclick forums too? Still. although I liked Jared's pop rock style (think folky Beatles), Love That Lasts wasn't something I got overly excited about.

But there is always the next one eh?

I made much of that Beatles feel in my review of Love That Lasts and if that was heavily influenced then parts of Electric Car Ballet are an almost steal. One of the joys of listening to this track, at least for me - a die hard, life long fan of the Fab Four - was the amount of Beatles licks I was able to extract from this one track. Where Lennon was the main muse on Love That Lasts, Georgie Boy is the main influence on Electric Car Ballet and that's OK by me too. But, Gilmore, you add peevishly, isn't that just a case of copying? Weeeeeellllllll, kinda/sorta...

Of course it is because there are very identifiable sections in this track that have both the tone and style of the original, and in fact I went looking through my own Beatles collection to find out where one of the main guitar licks comes from. It Won't Be Long is the source, a track from With The Beatles, the second album and one of my own favourites. Where this track scores for me is in keeping that Beatle-ish feel, and of course the endless 'spot the source' games and although Jared is obviously highly influenced by the band, it doesn't detract from the quality or style that he brings to the party. If you like the Beatles, you will either love or hate this.

Recommended Beatles-influenced pop rock.

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