Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black Chamber - Braille Teeth

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At this stage of the game, with around five or six of this musicians tracks under my review belt, I should have a pretty good grip of what I am dealing with. Yeah, in the real world maybe but this is the seamy underbelly of the internet where all manner of experimental musician spawn their various creations and Canada's Black Chamber fits right on in there with the rest of the aural madmen (usually). I'm sure there are female experimental artists but you know what? I don't think I've ever reviewed one. So, your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find me a female experimental artist. Now be off with you right sharpish while we deal with Black Chamber's dental problems.

Here is a short compilation of some of the things I have ascribed to this excellent musician: musical acid trip, odd. Decidedly odd, Weird at heart. All of which are true which makes, I suppose, Black Chamber somewhat difficult to get into. Actually not. One of the reasons Black Chamber has made such an impact on me - in a very crowded field - is that all his tracks are quite accessible, even the more raucous, unbalanced (in a mental way) varieties. Black Chamber himself describes Braille Teeth as being 'quiet chaos' and that's an accurate description of this remarkably easy track - AND its only two and a bit minutes long!

There is a distinct whiff of New Age/Ambient about it, and that usually has me legging it down the road but not in this case. In fact, whenever this came around in the cycle I found other things in it to gawp at. Seems simple but there's a lot of space and light in this track which gives it a wonderful depth not normally associated with the experimental genre. Actually, I see that it is billed as Other Alternative (whatever that might mean) and that's as may be but its still got its tentacles firmly embedded in Black Chambers experimental roots.

Real chill out. Highly Recommended.

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