Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ron Gragg - Traveller At The Broken Gait

Hear The Track Here

I'm amazed at the number of Ron Gragg reviews I seem to have done but, to his eternal credit, he takes a licking and he keeps on ticking - an admirable trait for an internet based musician. Skin the thickness of rhino horn. After all, why should we care what people think of what we do, it isn't why we do it, is it? Take Ron, for example, a musician I am obviously familiar with. Like any guitarist fully bitten, Ron collects the instruments and the sounds as he goes along, refining and honing what they are doing until it's good enough to place before their audience. That's me and you. And what do I do, after all that effort? Piss and moan about this or the other all to no avail because Ron wouldn't change a note anyway.

It is what it is. Another admirable trait.

As a lifelong acoustic guitarist myself, I am bound to like others of that brotherhood and in that respect, Ron Gragg has been one of the better finds in this area, and not because he specialises in Christian Rock either. Surprising then that the reviews I have given have been overwhelmingly critical or at the very least negative. Looked at properly, I think most of the blame for that has to be the fate of internet musicians who work according to what they have to work with, and that obviously isn't fair to the musician struggling under those restraints.

I think I've only mentioned performance from this musician in a positive light, and Traveller At The Broken Gait only shows clearer how inventive he can be. Love some of the progressions in this, the kind of guitar track that you know would be fun to play, to get right. Nothing like the buzz you get when something you've been working on for months in bits and pieces finally appears as a fully finished track. All the more so if it happens to be an instrumental. For sure, Traveler At The Broken Gait isn't going to storm any barricades and why should it. As Ron says in the song comments 'This is just a whimsical Instrumental' to which I can only say aye!!

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