Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thomas J Marchant - The Feather demo

Hear The Track Here

Oh God, is it that time already? The weather is uncertain, the economy is (excuse my French) fuqued, England is losing at football but you can always bank on Thomas J Marchant time, comes round every month regular as clockwork. Such dedication is not without its pitfalls however and Thomas has just suffered the curse of the exploding computer (one we are all familiar with) so consequently he's back at square one again. Not sure how much material he lost but I for one hope it wasn't too much because these monthly treats are most welcome - even at their most basic. Like, for example, The Feather.

Not so much a demo as a live stand up and sing folkie thingie.

OMG!! Did I just say the F word??? Well, in my world, folk can cover a HUGE amount of ground and it can certainly cover a highly convincing singer/songwriter like Thomas J Marchant, not for nothing was he my Artist Of The Year 2008. As much as I like the increasingly dense sounds he has been getting in tracks like It's A Hard Life (That We Are Living) (April 2010) and the awesome Keeping Up Appearances (also April 2010 as it happens), what really seals the deal every single time is the song the music is delivering. Ever since he turned his hand from electronica to a more natural form, Thomas hasn't put a foot wrong and The Feather (despite its lo-fi, very rough folkie side) shows exactly why.

Its not easy trying to get peoples attention when its just you and a guitar and it takes a special skill to make them sit up and listen, Thomas has done that time after time because of the quality of his songs. Even something as simple and basic as The Feather carries far more power than some musclebound, floor-shaking breakbeat simply because it speaks to us directly. Right into the centre of our brains. I was lucky to grow up with music that spoke directly to me and yes, affected my life and I thank God every day for that blessing. There aren't many songwriters that do that these days but Thomas is definitely one in my books. Try it and see and have the lyrics in front of you when you do.

Highly Recommended Folk song ??

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