Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Superbron - Let Me In (To Help You Out)

Hear The Track Here

I first came across Netherlands musician Superbron when I reviewed Time Flies When You're Having Funk (May 2007) which - imho - didn't and wasn't. Didn't fly and wasn't funk that is. Or at least not what I would call the funk anyway. Since then he's thrown more than a few tracks at me and one - All The Rivers Flow Into The Sea - I've been asked to review twice. The original back in January 2008 and a MUCH better revamped, renewed version in October 2009, which shows that - like most of us - Superbron continues to improve his art and what better way to see that than in those two very different versions. So, consequently, I am expecting big things from him this time, and I know that's going to raise a groan from him because he's probably thinking I am a very hard man to please.

Not really, just a question of taste I guess.

My major problem comes between the distinctly Euro-centric pop or (an even worse crime in my books) the same cultural tinge but this time with prog rock. See what I mean about taste? For absolutely definite Superbron is doing nothing wrong whatsoever, whether from a instrumental or production standpoint. In fact, Superbron is a very competent all rounder indeed, as I have pointed out many times - in amongst my craven apologies for not liking his tracks. Let Me In (To Help You Out) is a tribute song written in memory of the late Richard Wright (1943-2008), keyboardist and founder member of Pink Floyd and Floyd flavoured prog rock I can definitely stand so lets away...

As it stands, if this track had come to me without any of the back story I would have accused him of copying the Pink Floyd so it just shows he really can't win :) Got to hand it to the guy, he has indeed nailed that Pink Floyd languid feel and the instrumentation is exactly what you would expect. Vocally and lyrically too this fairly reeks of the band circa Dark Side Of The Moon, vocals full of the most intense longing and yearning - aye, stuff to tear your heart out. As a long time Pink Floyd fan, I admit that I do prefer their earlier work but Superbron has done an absolutely first rate job of both remembering a great and influential musician, and of making a very worthy tribute.

Highly Recommended Pink Floyd memorial track.

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