Saturday, June 26, 2010

Max-Motion - Jugganaut

Hear The Track Here

Max-Motion is a brand new name to me from Soundclick but look behind the name and you'll find another English SG (Ed: eeek God no!!) This time in the guise of Steve Gibson (Ed: close, so close) so 1) he's English, 2) he's a Steve ergo he must be a very nice guy. Aaaaahh, and then the fly starts buzzing around and you notice these words 'Dance music is my genre ' Aarrrggghh indeed. Not one for the old four-to-the-floor unless I'm out there banging around with my Zimmer Frame - today's must have fashion accessory for really old farts. Even though I don't particularly like the genre, I do know what I like to hear from it and it's that, as usual, that will tell the tale.

Now whether Jugganaut has something to do with dance music, I don't know but where I come from the term is 'juggernaut' and means something almost unstoppable. OK, it's dance so that would be a good thing. Relentless rhythms I am more than a little into, so long as its not all that sun-kissed, lets-all-love-Ibiza slop. So what is Jugganaut then? Well, thankfully it avoided the sunburn, sounding as if it were a track being pumped out of some dark, dingy techno basement club, so I guess the four to the floor and the irritating pssst psssst psssst of the hi hat would suit that crowd.

Despite the fact that there is a lot going on, not really noticeable until you have heard it a few times, I kinda liked the insistent synth sequences and its those that register over the long run. Sounds a lot like the kind of toys that have Roland stamped all over them but is probably much more likely to be some variation of Rebirth - or even Reason, so if you like electronica dance music then I guess this may very well float your boats. More to the point, Max-Motion has another 33 tracks on his page so obviously he's been a busy boy and I hope there is something more my style - I live in hope.

Recommended dance electronica nonetheless.

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