Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Farrell Jackson - Your Hat's On Way Too Tight

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Since I first met him over at Mixposure, American rock musician Farrell Jackson, has become a bit of a fixture of my own rock listening, chiefly through constant plays on Mix Radio which I admit I am addicted to. You can bet whenever I am online doing something, Mixposure radio is going to be on in the background - the whole world of rock in 22 minutes even! Not that I am insinuating that Your Hat's On Way Too Tight is some bloated prog rock nightmare, I think even the hardened veterans of Mixposure will know that this could prove deadly in my hands. Although several of his collaborative efforts have bordered into such territory, in his own tracks he is unashamedly old school rock all the way.

He's snagged at least two Must Haves from me, one for Last Day (September 2009) and one for the Jackson Hart collaboration Gypsy Princess (October 2009) both which would whet your appetite for this track. A track that is, given his previous output, could even be described as light and fluffy. Mind you, when you get into the song's subject matter (basically don't worry, be happy with a much stronger beat) it becomes obvious that, yet again, Farrell seems to have the right blend of seriousness (the lyrics and tone of the song) and playfulness (the instrumental elements that make up the track). Coming across initially as a kind of 1960's rock pop, and a pop country number, Your Hat's On Way Too Tight didn't strike me as being as strong as some of his tunes, but for sure he's captured a nice, easy feel to go along with,

In a very rare show of agreement, I found myself nodding when reading comments on the song, and that's not something I get to do too often. Mostly my views are wildly at variance to the majority of views posted under songs. Not this time though, because my first thought when making this tracks acquaintance seems to be the same as everybody else - how much like a Grateful Dead track this is. Same bright sunny outlook, that's for sure, and a beat that's made for ease and comfortable listening. The sort of track you should be playing driving off road somewhere in the land of Big Sky. Moreover, it's not just those American influences here though, I hear shades of early Beatles too...or maybe that's just the meds kicking in...

Class kinda country rock.

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