Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ian Dadon - Agoraphobiac (The Straw Man)

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In my last review of Isreali musician Ian Dadon - Youtopia (April 2010) I finished by saying 'his continued improvement on the technical side, show that Ian Dadon is someone worth keeping track of'. Now that's quite something when out of the three tracks of his I've reviewed, all have been in some way flawed - usually technically though it has to be said. Certainly as a songwriter and vocalist, the man has a powerful vision and that is principally why he has kept me onside (sorry, too much football around). We all have to work with what we have technically, but I would like to hear a powerful, nuanced production to go with the song and the vocals which generally do deliver on other levels.

I don't think any of the tracks I have heard have done justice to his voice, that's for sure.

This is really noticeable on Agoraphobiac (The Straw Man) because it's quite adventurous vocally. Now you know I like musicians who don't stick to the tried and true but it's also true that sometimes experimentation works and sometimes it just falls flat on its face. Thankfully Agoraphobiac (The Straw Man) is composed mainly of things that work and its definitely the most complex work I have heard from this artist. Yeah, yeah, blah blah but did I LIKE it? Actually, I came away doing exactly that, even though there would be some things I would have liked to be better. Taken as a piece, this is very strong. As for the subject matter, don't ask because I don't have a clue.

Staring with one of those whooshing sounds familiar to all factory sounds, the track soon develops a large set of rock testicles and starts hammering down the highway with some very credible guitar licks. I have to admit it took me a while to get used the vocal style on this, but there is no doubting that Ian is having the time of his life singing it and its that quality that finally convinced me. Structurally too, it takes some chances, but the progressions he is using are bloody marvellous (to use a technical term). The builds and energy of this track will certainly bring it more attention than any previous outing. Finally, I have to say I am getting a bit of kick to finally say to Ian...

Highly Recommended Avant Rock.

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