Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Wheel - Like This Feat Damian Lee

Hear The Track Here

Big Wheel (long may he roll on) specialises in things that end with age. Everything in the Wheel's universe ends with age, and not numerically either. Chillage, noddage, grooveage and - my own favourite - doobage are the main food groups here. Although I should stress that the doobie comment probably applies more to me than to The Round One because, well, I served me hippie apprenticeship innit? AFAIK, Big Wheel was probably a very, very little wheel at the time, and maybe even a spoke in his fathers eye. So, (he says, sucking mightily on said doobage) its a good job that Big Wheel is a bit slicker than yours truly and probably prefers a white wine because that would definitely go better with his musical style. Slick, sophisticated and always interesting, even if he has been on a bit of a mellow tip for a good while now.

Guess that's where the noddage comes in.

Damian Lee, damned if that name doesn't ring some bells but I have no idea why. Anyway, if I did this review Wheel stylee he describes Like This as 'some rasta dude, then a fit bird and stuff' and this, my friends is woefully, woefully inadequate. See Big Wheel is, to use an industry term, a smartarse. A musical clever clogs. Regardless of what kind of music it is, it is going to be well put together and - should it happen to be female - could well be described as (ahem) 'a fit bird'. Wheelie says that he and Reg (aka Damian Lee) cobbled this together in about four hours but you'd be amazed at what can happen in four hours - especially if you know what you are doing. The one consistent quality that has always applied to Big Wheel is that his music has space and depth of interest.

Like This is, at heart, a hefty chunk of set-in-its-own-parkland house, interspersed with vocal contributions from the aforementioned fit bird and Rasta dude (is that Damian?, or a store bought sample?) and its the usual faultless slice of dancy material Big Wheel has often dabbled in. 'I hope they play it in Ibiza' the Round One opines, and I think they definitely SHOULD play it in Ibiza and every other place on Earth where a really decent dance track is clasped to ones bosom. Tell ya what, played this on a mega system and it is ******* awesome, and I don't even particularly like house, but I do like a quality groove and this is it.

Housey housey, jiggy jiggy. Slick as **** off a shovel. Highly Recommended.

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