Friday, June 25, 2010

Reflexion X - God Vs Satan

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Musicians eh? (shakes head) Never too shy about subject matter, Reflexion X takes it right to the edge and pitches the Big Kahuna's themselves into the fray and I for one sincerely hope that he doesn't end up with a lightning bolt up his butt for his efforts. I'm sure that His Eternal Whatsname and The Mad, Bad Bugger won't be too pleased to be dragged into this insane musical world of ours AND they'll end up frying our butts in a collective fit of pique that none of the tracks written about them have a 'good enough beat and a rockin' rhythm (man)' This, from God's mouth to your eyeball so be warned about dabbling in things best left alone.

(Ed: Ooops, hold on.....*hauls off and smacks Gilmore upside the head*)

WHA?? Oh, hey, what happened?? Sooo, Reflexion X, few tracks down the line now and all of them getting very good ratings from me. You would have thought that a track that houses a couple of immortal, all encompassing beings, that it should have a bit of majesty about it and - surprisingly enough - God Vs Satan delivers that in a really rock solid sound, and a neat little song into the bargain. I don't know whether I've been as impressed before at the way one of his tracks is put together but this one really stands out for the production alone. If the meaty core of the track were human it would definitely be male and would wear a wifebeater (the item of clothing, not the drunken thug).

Its also one of those tracks that the more you listen, the more it hooks you in. First things is that beat, then you start to register the instrumental sounds (excellent I might add), then the vocal, then the full song becomes clear and at its most potent. Most musicians would have given up at that point with a rosy glow, go out and get ****faced and start something new tomorrow. Aaaahhh, but THEN you start to notice all the little details this track is studded with and then you know that this is a very special combination indeed. Class arrangement, great song with interesting lyrics and vocal style and spot on performance and production? Why it can only mean.....

MUST HAVE electronica.

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