Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cameron Pierce - Double Edged

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It was kind of apt that Fear 2 Stop and Cameron Pierce should end up back to back in my playlist this month, although musically they have nothing whatsoever in common. What they have in common is of being around what seems like forever. I first met Cameron Pierce then known as Latmat when I reviewed the excellent (and eerie) Beatles-alike The Road Is Long (I Need You) (November 2003) and - like Fear 2 Stop - has consistently come up with tracks that are worthwhile on a regular basis. I just had a quick skim through past reviews and counted at least four must haves and I know for a fact that Latmat scored a few too.

OK, I think I've made myself clear now, I like this guy and I like his music which IMHO has grown and matured tremendously over the years. Nowhere is that maturity and experience more noticeable than in the overall sound and feel of this track; here is a musician who has (almost, just a whisker away) perfected his way of projecting himself to best advantage - and it shows. Don't let that splashy piano into fool you for second, this is not a simple track, or one to be taken lightly either.

Cameron established early on that he was a good songwriter and that side of his music has come on in leaps and bounds; the detail and diversity of sounds and feels/textures on Double Edged show that so well - although it will need many plays to get to the root of it. Like a lot of his tracks, the initial impression is good, but that always but always deepens as you get to know the music and its twists and turns. So, if you like intelligent indie, with a definite pop rock feel, then Double Edged is the ticket to aural nirvana. Personally, I could have done with more vocal in the mix, but that's just me being a nerdy nitpicker so what else is new.

Highly Recommended Indie pop rock

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