Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rude Corps - A Spark

Hear The Track Here

For anyone new to Soundclick's forum activities the name citizen dolly bitch-hog isn't going to mean much. For forum regulars the name is going to ring endless bells, mostly of panic; our Dolly is not one to suffer fools gladly. Also one of the most prolific posters on the forums it's a wonder he manages to find any time to make music but - should you stumble across the Rude Corps site (for it is the bitch hog in stage glitter) - you find endless tracks there. Lessee....10 full albums, 4 EPs and stray tracks adding up to 251 tracks so if you can't find something of interest there, you probably won't find it anywhere.

S'not the first time I have been in Rude company, I reviewed a few Corps tracks including two killer collaboration tracks this year with a vocalist/rapper/poet called Sir that puts a whole new slant on the UK hip hop genre. A Spark is, however, a proper Rude Corps track with being generated in house, including the vocals. So if you've been wondering what a citizen dolly bitch-hog sounds like, here's the answer. Inspired by the film V-for Vendetta] (mmmmm Natalie Portman) and its closing set of the blowing up of the Houses Of Parliament, the track itself is a blazing polemic about the state of the country and its politics. Strong stuff.

The track itself is hard stuff with a definite punky edge that totally suits the lyrical content. This is an angry track, full of snarls and growls - luckily most of it electronically. In case you were wondering what the cdh-b sounded like, he's obviously from the north of England and he needs to deal with his voice a lot more confidently - at least in the mix; the performance of it seems fine. Musically there isn't much under than a massive slamming beats, some wild breaks and more slamming beats. Forget melody feel the fekkin rhythm, let it nail your head to the floor. With repeated listens, it also becomes apparent that this is a high energy in-your-face track that could - I feel - have done with a punchier mix, but that is exceedingly small change believe me. This is a track that you will either love or hate. Me, I think it's pretty neat.

Highly Recommended. Great song idea, splenetic performance. (Ed: I don't know, look it up!)

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