Friday, August 24, 2007

BrainTheDancer - Singer In The Band

Hear The Track Here

BrianTheDancer will be a new name to you, as it was to me and - I suspect - Soundclick itself. Never mind, SC is a big old place we can always squeeze in a couple of million more. So, welcome BtD, lets see.... Brian Parker is the said artist and he's from my own fair country - but let's not hold that against him. There is only one track on his page right now, but I have the suspicion that this is just the beginning as he states 'Been singing for a long time, but never had the confidence to perform (too much self doubt), now that's all changing'

Yep, that's what I thought too...

Although the net is actually an incredible place to market your aural wares - or even just have somewhere you can direct your friends to - as we all know. However, there are the same pressures and competitive elements to this online music lark as there are in the real world, and that is where tracks like Singer In A Band really come unglued. I don't know how many times I have said this in reviews but HEY the competition is fierce me brudder and it's bloody good too, in every respect. There again, there are people - and Brian may well be one of these - to whom this is just a hobby and if even one person listens and comments that counts as a bonus.

Nothing wrong with that I say.

There is plenty wrong with this track though, and putting it up for review forces me to say what I think. Again, Brian is obviously limited by what he's working with, so take it as a given that the production is very lo-fi. There is a basic, pedestrian beat that doesn't always match up with what the guitars are pumping out; is this in fact a rhythm loop with a lead guitar recorded over it because that is what it sounds like. Brian's vocals aren't quite strong enough to hold up that end of the works either, although he certainly tries hard enough. As a first track, I think this is exactly what I would expect from someone just starting out and it does show that Brian has the bare bones of what he is about and not much more. There's always time though, and that is where the 'net' effect really comes into play.

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