Sunday, August 26, 2007

Arglebargle - Streetwalking

Hear The Track Here

I know there's probably going to be a lot of people who see this bandname and instantly cry 'but isn't that...?' Click on the webpage link and the mystery is solved. Arglebargle is the SC forum name for the artist most of us know as Alchemystic and indeed (given his last few review requests) is a logical follow-on for him - ie something different to what he was doing before. he has also made sure its been an interesting ride too - including a sleek li'l reggae thing Di Good Life which I reviewed a month or so back. I'm too tired to look it up right now.

Streetwalking is, in fact, ' a short tune tune for the monthly KVR contest. First section is funk-meets-breakbeat, middle section is disco' according to it's maker. I'd say that was pretty accurate too, although I can't say it's particularly impressive being a mere (almost) two minutes long. Nonetheless, it's an action packed couple of minutes particularly if you are into white suits and glittery balls and - of course - the world famous pointy dance. It should be understood that the glittery balls could just as well be on the ceiling as on the person - not everyone was that weird even in disco's heyday. So, taken at face value, Streetwalking does exactly what it says on the can; great fun if you like it, a massive irritant if you don't. However, with someone like the Alchy One at the wheel you can be sure it's an interesting listen and at only two minutes how can you resist?

Alchemystic has a habit of swapping tracks around on me, and this month is no exception with Forgotten being forgotten in favour of a bit of pimping. Normally I would have just reviewed the main track but I couldn't pass by one Forgotten because it is - to my ears - pure 100% the Alchemystic we have come to know and love; music with big skies. If you know the man, you will know that he cut his teeth on this kind of stuff, and he does it so well it's an ear massage in disguise. He keeps threatening to bring his violin and oboe skills to our attention and I wonder what a live violin and oboe would sound on a track just like this.....Even without those glorious adornments this is still a lovely, lovely track, cooked to perfection.

Whatever. Grab both. Highly Recommended, top class electronica.

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