Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Matan - Boiling Point

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The first Matan track I reviewed - The Gate (April 2006) - didn't exactly have me in raptures, in fact I was decidedly lukewarm about the whole idea. Firstly, and I know this SHOULDN'T be a problem, Matan is an Isreali artist and consequently sings with a distinct accent. More to the point, ally that with a not-so so-so song and you are bound to be on a cruising for a bruising. Nevertheless, I tend to think that Matan got off pretty lightly, and further tracks have shown that although his accent may have been a problem at the beginning, it's the songs that have captured my attention since then.

Boiling Point is not the usual musical ground Matan covers (much of it rock based), whereas this track has distinct electronic overtones. Stylistically it is exactly what I am beginning to expect from this artist; a sound that he has sharpened over the last few releases. To be sure I still have the usual niggles; mix is a bit wooly, some of the phrasing is definitely off, some of Matan's vocals could have been delivered better. But, hey, you gets it for free so what do you expect? Seriously, I am of the opinion that Matan has the makings of an excellent songwriter and Boiling Point is - underneath the home made sound - a track that would certainly be understood in his homeland.

Obviously, the Isreali music business is as blind as the UK or US.

Over the time I have known this artist, I found it best to actually read the lyrics while you are listening, believe me it will definitely make more sense that way. While Matan doesn't have the most powerful voice in the universe he carries the song well enough and in some ways that's all that counts. Certainly I am willing to overlook some obvious errors to get to a good song, and with this track you will have to do that too. It would be worth your while though because - as rough as Matan's work can be - there is a very decent talent operating there.

Excellent song, not so hot performance. Recommended even so.

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