Friday, August 24, 2007

Mean Scene Project - Glow (Acoustic)

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Third time around for US based Mean Scene Project and, as I've said before, has made a good impression as a songwriter and musician. Although I've ragged on him (yep, another one man band) about the fairly typical American rock sound he is pumping out, there is no doubting that here is a musician who knows what he's doing - whatever the genre. Besides, there are many people who actually prefer this particular strain of Americana and certainly MSP should also think about basing some of their tracks on Songplanet - the style lends itself to Songplanet's playlists. Should do very well, ah say....

Mmmmmm, but wot now?

Acoustic is really where this track belongs - and it's one of the cuter varieties of that; re-categorize it and I think it will do exceptionally well. Sean Tevlin is the brains, fingers and vocal cords that constitutes MSP and Glow consists of two acoustic guitars and Sean's vocals and - as a consequence - it doesn't make an immediate impression. Continued listening brings out a soft, subtle track with hidden depths and some lovely - if basic - guitar playing. Not sure that this is a live track - despite the crowd noise at the end - but even if it is, it's been added to. The guitar placings of not-quite left and right really helps the first part of the track, but doesn't quite cut the mustard in the outro but those are minor details.

As I've also mentioned before, Sean is a well decent songwriter and Glow is - for all its little tics and twitches - a cracking song, full of longing, wistfulness and an aching heart. In the guitar parts I am reminded of the kind of thing the Stones used to do so well, but in the vocals you could reference any one of the singers fronting the guitar angst crazy (particularly as it 'appens Coldplay). Taken on that level alone this is a very worthy listen. It makes me wonder just how delightful a fully scored version of this track might sound. Whatever, for right now, I'm more than satisfied to have this one in my posession.

Excellent acoustic song. Highly Recommended.

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