Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dcallen - A Walk In The Dark

Hear The Track Here

This has been a really good month for standout (way above average) tracks and I'm kinda glad that I'm ending this month on a high note - for a change. Longer term Soundclick residents will be only too familiar with Dave Allen (aka dcallen), his tracks have made a substantial contribution to most of our playlists for a good couple of years. He disappeared for a while but made a welcome return to deliver Is This A Problem (June 2007) which showed him on top form and eminently worthy of the Must Have I gave it, Mind you, this is electronica we are discussing here and that ain't up everyone's whatsname. Not that genre classification has ever held young Dave back - that's one of his finer qualities.

As you can see from the current indication of Soundclick popularity (page views/plays, stations playing etc) dcallen hasn't much to worry about - this is the sign of an artist with longevity - and a broad appeal. That comes from the music and Walk In The Dark is more the dcallen we knew from back in the day. Electronica, yeah - but is it? The more you look, the more the definition slips. T'was ever thus though, his melodic skills have been the hallmark of this artists work since the very beginning. While it doesn't storm the place down like Problem, there is a sturdy, timeless feel to the track that is pure bliss (at least to these jaded ears).

This is the track that won a Track Of The Day feature on and I can see why it would appeal. Certainly as far as I am concerned I would have no hesitation to give this a Must Have within the genre but I wonder whether it would have wider appeal. That's always been one of electronicas main Achilles heels IMHO. Firstly this is a mostly instrumental genre, and secondly it also has a weird kind of geek factor. However, the best of the genre do expose that to be typical stereotyping. As a peice of music, A Walk in The Dark is going to be one of the better electronica track you are going to hear; this or any other year. (hint: I don't like Ambient, but I do like this....)

Highly Recommended first-rate electronica.

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