Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Avalanche - Deeply

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You are never too old, as the saying goes, to rock and roll. Considering that this is keeping most of us old crusties out of the grave, I'd say it was a fine motto to live by. It's also the ethos that powers Avalanche, probably the longest running band on Soundclick (they've been together 30 years), even though they have only been on Soundclick for a short time - if you get my drift. I first came across them through a live performance from Mike Foster and Mark Easton (the two lead guitarists) on Mike-K's groundbreaking Saturday Night Rocks show on Songplanet - where coincidently they became Artist of the Year. In my usual wheedling manner I persuaded them to try out Soundclick as well and I'm gratified to see that it has paid off somewhat. At least judging from their stats and the number of radio stations playing them...

See, where there is life, there is hope. And rock and roll...

The best part of this whole deal is that Avalanche are the real deal: class all the way, with a small proviso. You will have to have a taste for the American rock sound, which I find most people do, especially the ballsy kind which Avalanche always provide with abundance. What they haven't provided before is different voices, and a female one at that. Stephanie Krowka is the lady in person and I guarantee you'll be just as surprised as me at the quality of her singing and songwriting (she wrote Deeply). It therefore means, of course, that the usual Avalanche warhorse is a bit muted but the lead guitars pack enough punch where they are needed in this excellently produced (top of the range I tell ya..) instantly likeable track.

There is a slight retro feel to the track but once the music kicks in, you know you are in good company. I wish I could put my finger on who Stephanie sounds like but whoever it is, it works. Aided and abetted by a faultless (at least to my ears) Mike Foster arrangement and production, the combination brings us a track of rare quality, and a haunting kind of wistfulness that stays with you. It helps, of course, that I do like what Avalanche has to offer and I am aware it may not be to everyone's taste but I defy anyone living to listen to this track and not recognize that this is one of the best sounding tracks you have heard anywhere - online or off it. Not talking about the music here mind, you either like it or you don't; a personal choice. Nope what I'm talking about here is state of the art production in every way. There again, 30 years of experience will do that to you.

Top Class Rock. MUST HAVE

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