Friday, August 10, 2007

Cameron Pierce - Hesitation

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The name will be instantly familiar to anyone who has been around Soundclick for any longer than five minutes but just in case you've just arrived Cameron Pierce is a young Canadian musician who has entertained us all for a good many years already. From the Latmat personna he started with, to the metamorph act he did by (rightfully) using his own name of late, whatever name he goes under he is an artist who is never NOT worthy of a listen or two. The amount (and range) of this artists tracks that have found their way onto my hard drive is adequate testimony to his warm, approachable music; and the reason he is so well known in these parts.

I like the acoustic approach, especially when combined with a pop rock arrangement and vocals to match and Cameron has made this one of his trademarks. If you like that whole harmony vocal, lotsa jingly guitars and a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach, pick any CP track to indulge yourself. In the meantime. what does Hesitation have to offer, other than a slight indecisiveness (Ed: huh?) Like it's Must Have mate, Sincere Design (July 2007) Hesitation shows off Cameron's growing confidence as a performer and his song-writing abilities have never been in any doubt whatsoever.

I like this new, more aggressive production stance, it really aids the tracks inherent appeal. All of which should tell you that Cameron is on a roll right now so it'd be best to clamber aboard. Although Hesitation hasn't got the immediate appeal of his previous track, time will show that this track has longevity built-in, partly due to a highly infectious chorus. If anyone in your world wants to know what's happening in indie rock that is worth listening to, Cameron Pierce would be amongst my first choices and this would be a good track to begin with.

Excellent pop rock with endless appeal. Highly Recommended.

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