Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nini - Excited Eggs

Hear The Track Here

The second track from Burp is also someone he has worked with, and consequently someone who I have reviewed before in that context. Nini is a Chinese vocalist who I first encountered though a Burp collaboration - Recent Colloquy (June 2006) - which I liked a great deal at the time and have grown considerably fonder since then. It's taken up residence on my hard drive and I can't think of a finer accolade for a track. It is, however, essentially a Burp track with Nini collaborating, so I looked forward to hearing what she does in her own right. Be cautioned that this track comes under the Electronica: Noise genre so if you are allergic, don't go there. Besides, there are those who would argue that most Chinese music is mainly noise anyway so what else is new? I disagree vehemently, but I would being a well known fan of all things World'ly....

So, Excited eggs? I should coco.

So if you are looking for the usual 4-to-the-floor bump and grind electronica (Ed: I think he means electronic dance) then it would probably be best to look elsewhere because you could probably tie yourself in knots trying to dance to this track. Or at the very least cause yourself unecessary pain. Nope, Excited Eggs is that extremely rare commodity sophisticated electronica and very good it is too, especially if you like the more experimental side of the genre Yes, it is true that a good part of this track is made of extraneous noise but at least it is noise with a purpose, you can see and feel where it should fit. Not a bad act, if you can sustain it.

One of the main highlights of Recent Colloquy was Nini's cut up vocals and she applies the same trick here, except more cut up and used with a delay that works a treat for the ears. The fact is if I were going to make experimental electronica (Ed: perish the thought!) I would be more than happy if it turned out as well as this. I'm not sure whether Nini did all the musical/production work here or whether she works with someone else but whichever way it is, this is still a track to savour - all the more so if you like the genre to begin with.

Highly Recommended electronica with a difference.

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