Friday, August 10, 2007

Mike-K - Midnight

Hear The Track Here

He's gonna kill me because I missed the chat on Saturday so I'd better be nice to him right? No, I agree that fekk that is a much better alternative ;) Mike-K (Kohlgraf seeing as you asked) shouldn't need introduction, at least to the regular (Hi Mum!) reader of this blog. Mike-K has long been a Soundclick regular, moderator and - for a couple of fun filled years - live DJ on Saturday Night Rocks on Songplanet. He's also, as it happens, a very decent musician in his own right as some of his past releases have shown; especially last months collaboration with Christopher (28 Fingers) Martin Hansen When I Think Of You (July 2007)

A class act then.

Although he wanders relentlessly over to the middle of the musical road I have a lot of time for his easy style, despite my in-born destestation of anything bland. That's IMHO bland, btw. One man gruel is another man's porridge innit? Latin Jazz is Midnight's stomping ground and that's not a good sign either but don't let these appearances deceive you; an artist with Mike's experience and knowledge will always guarantee it'll be a good listen, even if you don't like the style. I've recently taken up playing guitar after a 15 year hiatus, so I can appreciate even more how much it takes to get something like this down; I'm still in the blisters on me fingers stage, and something like this is waaayyy beyond me.

I mentioned Mike's collab with CMH earlier and I don't know if CMH could be registered as a contagious disease, but Mike has certainly caught a hefty dose of CMH's flow and style. Nothing wrong with that I say, because IMHO CMH is one of the ONLY acoustic guitarists on Soundclick that really push all my buttons. Mike can show a very neat, precise style too, but there is still the recognisable almost lounge-band sound that Mike mastered ages ago - his production is so clean you could live in it. I have to say, you'd have to like this genre and/or Mike the K to really get anything other than a 'ooo that's pwetty' reaction. OK, so I don't like the genre but I do like the musician and what he has created here.

Cool, well arranged, played beautifully. Highly Recommended.

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