Sunday, August 12, 2007

Decollage - geronimos tuch

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A couple of tracks back to back now, both put up by our old friend Burp both - in fact - friends of Burp. Decollage will be a name familiar to regular readers who will know we've already covered most of her output. For those people who have spent some time off-planet, Decollage is an electronica artist from Munich, Germany who shares much of the same musical ground Burp plays in, although I think Decollage has her own distinctive voice. Where Burp approaches it from a rhythms point of view, Decollage loves to play with noise; of all descriptions. Sounds pretty crap, right? Wrong. Again, noise CAN be used constructively and to great effect. I mean God knows what the title signifies, but this track holds wonders...especially if you like some noise mixed in.

It would be fair to level the accusation at me that I do like artists who play with the whole chaosity thing. (Ed: is that even a word?) However, I can't abide noise for noise sake but I do like a good, well put together soundscape and that is the area explored by this odd track. The first time I heard it I couldn't believe that it had taken up a whole five minutes or so; time obviously passes slower in Decollageworld. It will take a while to settle in with you though, this is not a track for a casual listen - at least not if you want to appreciate something a bit (Ed: a country mile) off the beaten track.

geronimos tuch is a very listenable track and I can't decide whether that's because I have a liking for what Decollage does or whether it's because it's easier to grasp (as it were) than some of her other offerings. It may also have a lot to do with my sonic lust after the vocal samples she has used to great effectiveness in this track. There is a lot of World influence in the track for sure and except for it's in-built oddity it would pass as a World Music track. As it is, I think it's one of Decollage's better works and one I can only heartily recommend for fans of any of the artists I've mentioned and people who like their music to be a little different.

Excellent electronica track. MUST HAVE for fans. Highly Recommended.

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