Friday, August 10, 2007

Kole McRae - Lets Sing Together

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I was probably a bit harsh with Kole McRae when I reviewed Bob The Zombie (July 2007) but hey, gotta call it as I see it right? Anyways I did end the review by saying that one track does not a summation make, so let's try another one. Mmmmm, lessee... Kole wrote 'this song is SUPPOSED to be a bit korny mate' to me and 'probably not what you think it is' in the songs comments so I guess it one of those to approach with an open mind. All of which I would do, should I happen to find a mind I can borrow; and that mind to have a keen sense of humour, and for the humour to be immediately apparent... Arrrgghhhh, a vortex!! Run away!! So instead, poor ol' Kole get's a cranky, crusty old timer who will instead insist on music being a certain way... (Ed: Ahhh you mean a bigot).

Can't say nothing to that, can you? I won't even try.

I already did a number on the way Kole chooses to showcase his music, and on his obviously limited recording situation and - if the truth be known - I might be well into creating a new butt for this poor guy except for one thing. Funnily enough, even through the flubs, mistimings, mistuning and other obviously non-essential rubbish getting the the way, there is no doubt that in other ways Kole is clever enough to do something well good - given the time and practice. In fact, that's probably the best thing to bear in mind when contemplating listening to this track or not. Now me, I'll listen to anybody who can string a note together, but I know that some of you are not known to be so foolish, so remember that 'raw' is a word to apply here.

It's a shame really because, as I say, Lets Sing Together is a clever track, certainly in the way Kole sets up the arrangement, if not in the actual execution. With a bit more of a mainstream treatment, and the artist reining in a little of his natural exhuberance and this would be - as they also say - a contender. Mind you, right now, it's a long, long way from completion and is a track (and artist) in dire need of a producers hand. I would advise Kole - as well as to keep on doing what he is doing - to get into some opportunities to make tracks with other SC artists. I am certain that will go a long way to knocking off those rought edges. In the meantime, of course, listening to the track would have to be a personal choice.

A glimmer of a good idea.

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