Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Antennaheadz - Garden Party

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Yep those otherworldy creatures with the strange domes (and even stranger music) are back with yet another track, obviously Thomas J et all who follow him are busy little aliens. Now if you think I've been at the moonshine or think I need to up my meds, I'll let Thomas J (aka the spiky ones) have his say about it: 'sometimes we'll make you boogie. Sometimes we'll make you cry'. I stand before you a living (if somewhat deafened) testimony to both those states. When they are on, they are on but when they are not, well..... People accuse me of being too nice to people and while it's true in some cases, Thomas J has been one who has felt the Gilmore Grapple more than a couple of times.

Mind you, he shrugged me off like the punyweight I am...[reviewer spadiongs off the wall]

I've kinda liked The Antennaheadz latest tracks, although thankfully most of them have been more accessible than when this artist really doesn't give a f**k about what anybody thinks. Hey, everyone needs their tone time. Although it's best that you don't try and foist it on me. Amidst all the sonic chaos, we tend to forget that - first and foremost - Thomas is a musician who plays real instruments (I count sax, guitar, keyboard) and this track definitely brings that message home. As usual, it's not yer normal pop rock but Garden Party has a charm and quality that gets you easily through its six and a half minutes of life.

To be blunt there are a couple of dodgy bits; the outro is an example, but on the whole I found this a surprisingly likeable side to this usually complex artist. More to the point, I think this is the very first time I have ever reviewed an actual Thomas J song and that is the big surprise here. While he doesn't have the best voice in town, Thomas makes good use of what he has got and I definitely urge you to read the lyrics while you listen, it'll help to put the song across. As always, there is a decidely lo-fi feel to it that belies the clear, wide-open sound, but overall this is a neat little effort. Moreso if you are of a trippy nature while listening - if you get my drift. Peace out.

Excellent, left-field track. Highly Recommended.

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