Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Kid's Lunch - Overdue Bible Commentary

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One Kid's Lunch (think loaves, fishes...) are about the only truly Christian band I have ever seen eye to eye with, and it was a much welcome surprise to stumble across them. They gained a Track Of The Year 2006 from me with Prayer For The Clueless (July 2006) and many new listeners along the way with their breezy pop rock and their peculiar talent for writing tight, hilarious lyrics that just about sum the whole thing up very nicely. All in all, I've always found OKL material to be music that can be relied on to dispel any of lifes dark clouds, their songwriting skills immediately apparent..

It helps, of course, to have a sense of humour.

The first run-through of this much-looked-forward-to NEW track from the band for a while completely took my breath away. I must have sat there for 5 minutes in silence wondering wtf just happened. Overdue Bible Commentary pelts along like its ass is on fire, straining every musical tendon to get through it all in under one minute fifty. Come on, guys, this is not Daytona. So, having strapped on my Safety Helmet (tm), I gave it another shot, and then another until I was fully acclimatised to travelling at sub-light speed. Seen from that perspective, I suspect Overdue Bible Commentary will be somewhat of a puzzle to newer listeners who haven't been weened on their particular, unique take on things.

I've racked my brains again and again to come up with something I can point you at as a musical reference indicative of what this track may sound like and I remain stumped. Take the lyrics for example ' I feel like a total zit. I might as well just say, "Hey, World! I'm a big, fat, hypocrite!"' or 'fish on my car, (parked at the bar,)'. Looks like nothing while reading it but put the track on and then read along with the song and believe me, those plain words become somehow magical - especially as this time the joke extends through the music as well. There's a lovely, look-at-me-I'm-totally-mad feel about this track that I find irrisistable, although the first taste was a bit jarring, as I think many of their longer term listeners will agree. Nonethless; it may be rough (production is a bit flat), it may be silly (Ed: it is. Very) but it's still a diamond.

Always a class act. MUST HAVE for fans. Highly Recommended for a chuckle.

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