Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Azoora - Love Will Find Its Own Way

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Azoora describe themselves on their Soundclick page as 'a trip hop blend of acoustic electronica' and it's not a description I'd argue with much, except to say that it slightly obscures exactly HOW good that blend is, After all, trip hop is not everyone's cup of brown fluid, but I'd be willing to bet that Azoora's surprisingly professional music would be to most anyones taste and I only bet on sure things. Although they have been around on SC for a while, I have to say that it's been this year that they are really showing huge promise. So far this year I have reviewed three tracks, two of which recieved a Must Have rating from me and that's not bad going at all. Moreover, their 'stickiness' is becoming apparent the more time they spend on my hard drive, illustrating perfectly their appeal to a very wide church.

As an intended summer song Love Will Find Its Own Way doesn't strike you that way, at least not immediately. Neither will the spaciness of the vocals - which are drowned in echo - or (dare I say this?) the dodginess of the drum track. However, in common with all of their tracks this IS a demo and they make no secret of it, which only further whets my appetite to hear the final things because I have admit to being somewhat smitten when I hear what this outfit come up with. In style the track probably has more to do with the original Summer of Love than with any subsequent resurrections; and as rough as the mix is, the bones and muscle of the song are most definitely there. As such then, this is a damn fine listen, despite all the little niggles.

Yep, I'm such a final product kinda guy....

There is no doubt that the combined talents of Paul Loader (acoustic guitar/lead vox), John Purcell (electric guitar/production), Trudi Lawrence (backing vocals) and Ben Cockran on drums works a treat but it is in the songwriting of Mr Loader and Mr Purcell (who also twiddles whatever knobs you have to) that really makes Azoora stand out from the crowd - even on such a (seemingly) chaotic track as this. It has a great vocal feel to it, provided you like this kind of spread-to-the-horizon vocal treatment. It does, however, fit the tune magnificently and makes the track the unpolished gem it is. Now, understand here that I'm just bitching and moaning because I always expect more from this band than most, and what most people will hear will be more than enough to thrill them. In the meantime, I'll be keeping this until the final version comes along. Terrific song and arrangement (and it IS a demo).

MUST HAVE for fans, most Highly Recommended even so. Class.

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