Sunday, August 19, 2007

K-Gi - Born To Lose

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Doesn't seem like a year since I first heard this artist so entrenched have his tracks become on my playlist but Fans Against Doping (August 2006) was my introduction to this very singular musician. A knockout track in every respect (song, production, idea) this was one of the most effective introductions to an artist I have heard. He followed that up with the immaculate Dutty Water (November 2006) which consequently became one of my Track Of The Year choices last year. So far this year only Migration (February 2007) has been put forward for review which, although a nice enough listen, was a bit lightweight especially given 2006's wonders.

Great expectations indeed.

Being a real working musician is certainly going to up that expectancy and the one thing that can be guaranteed from any K-Gi track is a high degree of professionalism. K-Gi works in the real world as a musician on cruise liners, as honorable a profession as any but that MOR influence which serves him so well in that job colours much of the material he writes himself. No bad thing in and of itself but you do have to have a taste for the easy listening to really appreciate it. There is a rougher, more homegrown feel to both the execution and production of Born To Lose that takes some getting used to after the material I have heard in the past.

Underneath it all though, is the solid work I have come to expect from this musician, although I think the song is a bit weak overall, there isn't much wrong with the arrangement and delivery. It's all a question of personal taste, and I do like what this artist does musically even though I wouldn't normally touch something from the easy listening side of music. Certainly if I did, the musical past that K-Gi draws inspiration from - and his consequent rendering of it - makes him an artist who definitely should not be judged from first impressions. Work of this quality deserves more than a quick listen and if you already like K-Gi's approach (especially vocally) this track is a peach.

Light, reggae flavoured track that has a certain appeal. Recommended.

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