Friday, April 21, 2006

Zallanayver - Pamper Me

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No idea what ZallaNayver means so don't go asking. What it means to us is - apparently - 'two grown men that should know better' making music under this name? What kind of music? Full of questions tonight, aren't we? Electronica: Mellow seeing as how you asking and I bet you wish you had never started this conversation now eh? Mind you, as we've discovered in the past, there's mellow and then there's mellow (ie dead). There again anyone who cites Frank Zappa and Peter Hammill as influences gotta have a bit more going for them than making music to have a nice little kip by. Kip means sleep btw for all those confused 'mericans who don't know how to spikka da Inglish like wot I do.

Pamper Me (now that's something I could do with, peel me a grape Beulah!) is - again apparently - the band's most popular track on myspace, which may or may not excite you. James Boyle and Andrew Biscoe are the protagonists here and - after several plays - I must admit to being thrown initially by that extremely mellow introduction, not to mention the mind boggling length of almost 8 minutes in length. Surely, I sighed miserably, you can't expect me to listen to almost eight minutes of go to sleep music and NOT fall have a likkle doze. Luckily for me, and ZallaNayver, the tracks secret ingredient kicks in around 1:20 and saves everyone from a good old nut crunching session.

The glue that holds all this together is an altogether wonderful female vocal line, and I do wish the band had put the lyrics online with the track because I sure would have liked that. Nonetheless, the track made a good enough impression on me, so I'll forgive them this once :D Truth is Pamper Me is a sharp, intelligent take on relationships and the price we all pay to keep them going, set in some excellent acoustic rock cum mellow electronica that sits up and begs for attention to be paid to it. I'd suggest you do pay some attention to it as well because Pamper Me will not hit you right off, but give it a play or two more and it'll have you hooked before you can blink. An excellent, highly professional introduction to a new artist I will definitely be looking more at in the months to come.


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holly said...

hello there!
just read your comment on the 'mellow'pamper me! im glad u like the pamper me track! im the female vocalist on the track and i think it is fantastic! ha ha! orange mountains, though it must be said, is by far my favourate! thanx for the comment darl!!! xxx