Friday, April 21, 2006

Waxko - The Scream Of The Night vers 1 & 2

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Here's a sad fact of internet (including Soundclick) life - nobody gives a flying fekk. I know for a fact that Jorge Conde (aka Waxko) has been on Soundclick for over three months because this is the third month I have reviewed him AND he missed a month. His first track, Heroes Of The Daily Grind (December 2005) is a positive delight, an epic slice of music that has more muscle than The Governator. I wasn't as taken by Deeper (February 2006) but only because it wasn't as immediate and gripping as Heroes. In sheer musical muscle and power of production and performance it was every bit as good as its predecessor. So why is it then, that this most excellent artist has only ONE comment in that time, and no radio stations picking up on him at all.

Let me tell ya straight: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!

I love a good Rhodes sound, and The Scream Of The Night (version 1) features a particularly fruity example and it's fair to say that it won me over from note one. Either that or the vibes whizzing about my ears like bats in a belfry, such production tricks being a staple of this artist in the three tracks I have of his. Version 1 is the softer, gentler side of Waxko and as such I liked it technically but felt a little divorced from it emotionally. I shouldn't have felt that way because if the lyrics were going on above this music track I think this would be a monster. One of the main reasons I came to this conclusion was because of the lyrics, some of which I quote here and I very rarely do that. If you’ve got something to say don’t do it in darkness. Go into the light, let the sun illuminate your words, Shout them to the shining brilliance. Sear the blue with your tongue. So the lightning of your cry doesn’t die alone in the night.

Lovely jubbly :D A big VOCALIST NEEDED sign here methinks.

Version 2 is a v-e-ry different proposition, a very poppy Spanish guitar flavoured that rocks along nicely propelled by some some very tasty drum moves. Of course, its obvious that these instrumentals are made with a vocalist in mind because of the way they are structured but again it shows - to me anyway - just how good Waxko is about writing music that pushes your emotional buttons before a note is sung Please note my italics. While it's true that there are many musicians around of Waxko's calibre - and of course his tracks do miss the vocals - but his music speaks to you regardless with the right vocalist he will do wonders. In the meantime if tracks like The Scream Of The Night (either version) are what we get, then I am one happy bunny because - musically - this is mighty fine. (coughs politely) VOCALIST NEEDED!!!

Recommended (Version 1), Highly Recommended (Version 2).

and please people, give this guy a listen and say hello while you are at it. Support your local artist. You know it makes sense.

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