Thursday, April 13, 2006

Prash - Tera Nasha

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Exactly two years ago I wrote a review about a track called Delusions of Grandeur and - after all the usual cracks about starting off a career by leaping off a critical cliff - I wrote 'I'll be hearing a lot more from this quarter'. Little did I know it then but that was my introduction to Prashant Vadhyar (or Prash as most of us know him) and since that time this excellent Indian artist has firmly embedded himself on my hard drive, my ears and in my daily life. The list of excellent Prash tracks goes on and on, and even the slightest listen to Tera Nasha will show you exactly why I hold this particular artist in such high regard. Sure, he is a World Music member like myself, but Prash brings a lot more to the table than that much mis-used genre label.

Prash has featured as one of SC's bigger stars in my year end awards for both 2004 and 2005 and during these two years the man has gathered fans far and wide to his incredibly melodic music, regardless of the genre he works in. The list of people who hold him in high esteem is almost a roster of Soundclick's finest and for good reason. As it happens, Tera Nasha goes back to why I first liked him; a blend of East and West that is Prash to a T. Not sure exactly why I am reviewing Tera Nasha because it doesn't appear to be on his Soundclick page but judging by my reaction to it, I would suggest he gets it up there pronto OR gives you guys a good explanation as to why you can't hear this splendidly realised mix of Indian vocals and western rock music.

The lyrics and vocal may be Indian but the tone and feel of the peice definitely belongs to the rock school, albeit the gentler variety (think country rock as opposed to hard rock) and is a fairly conventional (by western standards that is) arrangement. Where the track scores for me is the vocals. Not sure who is actually supplying these but whoever it is, they are soulful, adept and meaningful. In the overall tone of the peice I have some problems but as is usual with this artists work it has more to do with the style than anything Prash may be doing wrong. To give the guy his due credit, he has never - to my knowledge - delivered anything that was less than perfect leaving you with one decision only: do you like it or not? As I say, I'm not sure I like the style it's couched in but there is no doubt in my mind that Tera Nasha is a killer track worthy of the stature I have accorded this artist. Get the track up on SC Prash and be quick about it because I know there will be a LOT of people who would want to hear this.

Brilliant blending of East and West. Most Highly Recommended and beautiful to boot.

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