Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Matan - The Gate

Hear The Track Here

Another new Soundclick name up this time. Matan is a 19 year old Alternative artist who comes from Isreal who composes his songs on keyboards and then - I suppose - throws them onto the PC for the rest of us to listen to. The reason I seem to be belabouring the 'home made' point here is because that much will be obvious as soon as you fire this track up. Pretty much the entire track is keyboards and vocals and not much else, other than the odd finger cymbal here and there and a odd sounding kick that - to my ears anyway - doesn't really add anything to the proceedings at all. As if that were not enough, the vocal is sung with a definite accent and I know that will get up some peoples noses.

So, pile of rubbish then eh, ol' Gilmore??

Not quite. To be sure, it IS lacking in lots of things but it does have a certain something, especially in particular sections of the vocal, and certain of the melody touches. However, it does pale somewhat when you consider the high audio standard we have all become used to. It does mean that tracks like this WILL get passed by because of the reasons I have already stated and - to my mind - that would mean passing on something that (remember he is only 19) can only get better. I think he can inject drama and vision into his work, as The Gate shows, there are sections of it that make the hairs stand up, if you know what I mean.

Again, most people seem to think that the term 'alternative' is always a kind of kiddie rock (a la Coldplay etc) whereas alternative really should mean alternative, shouldn't it? Just because he works in a less than commercial field, the song construction and internal impetus of this track should ensure that those who can hear DO hear. I find it is getting harder and harder for musicians (on Soundclick or anywhere else) to just lay down a track 'as it comes'; there should (of course) be some production work attempted at the very least and Matan manages (just) to accomplish that. For a further track I would want to hear a more complete peice of work but hey, it's early days yet...

Interesting, if not exactly gripping.

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