Sunday, April 16, 2006

Encryption Complex - People Are Divided

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While I am most definitely not partial to the spacey, look at me I'm flying side of electronica, I am most definitely keen on the more rhythmic varieties: drums and bass in particular if done well. I first encountered Encryption Complex last month when I reviewed All For You and I have to admit that - on balance - it was a cool introduction to this duo (that's two people to the vowelly challenged). Obviously the hesitant tone in my voice right there means that it wasn't without its niggles. I found that as nice as the track was - and it is an enjoyable listen, it kinda missed the overall point and was, to my ears anyway, a bit sparse in the 'variety is the spice of life' department. There again, it was based on the music of DWD's* so I guess that would pretty much tell the story.

People Are Divided carries the same attention to sound detail that first impressed me about this MP3 Unsigned artist and - thankfully - this one is a little more angled towards my preferences in style too. Where All For You lacked focus, People Are Divided comes straight to the point and then proceeds to poke your ears with it. It's a surprisingly rhythmic track, although it tends to veer into sound madness at the drop of a hat; those effects being complemented with some very cools swish yer ears out production tricks that assist the track enormously to get itself across. It helps that the intro quickly builds a brooding atmospere, because once the track slams into your ears the sub bass sounds pick up that mood and make this track work for its bread and butter.

There have been some comments about the tracks levels, which have since been adjusted because I certainly couldn't see anything that could be much different about the version I have. There is a out-of-control element in this track that takes that brooding mood created by the bass end and gives it a knifes edge; the musical equivalent of chalk on blackboard and I bet it will tighten your spincter up a treat. That chaotic touch is - to me - the masterstroke of this track and what will make me come back to it more and more. There's also a corresponding tightness in the production too that allows the track to explore the mood, with some particularly nice touches with the stereo positioning. When I first that synth fart around 3:00 or so, I thought it was my doorbell. Whadda ya mean, nobody has a farting doorbell? Life, my friend, is full of surprises. Speaking of which, People Are Divided is surprisingly good, well put together, intelligent electronica that contains all the main food groups.

Recommended electronica indeed.

*Hi!! I am a footnote, hence my appearance. DWD's are dead white dudes in case ya wuz wonderin'

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