Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Omnisine - Incense Boy

Hear The Track Here

Omnisine. Mmmmmm Not, as you might imagine, a newcomer to Soundclick, more like a new name for an old face. You might know him better as CJ Freq X, but this is his new monnicker so you'd better get used to it. Personally I think it fits him quiet well because he is one of the very few electronica artists around who is omni everything. A lot of his work is informed, after all, by his origins. Omnisine is Chitrang Jagdish (CJ Freq X geddit??), from Mumbai who made a big impression on me with Psycho Rampage (October 2005) but made an even bigger impression with subsequent tracks and has since become a valued artist to this reviewer, and I suspect a great many of his peers too.

So, let's see whats under this shiny new getup of his...

Now being the kind of musician I am, how could something described as 'an arabic house track with psychedelic overtones' not have lasting appeal for me. All my main food groups all tied up in a neat little package, hell yeah! Incense Boy is a bit of a work in progress but you wouldn't believe that for a minute when you strap this animal to your ears, because you'll be too busy gawping at the whizzing past scenery, the deft little touches and a beat guzzling drum track ensures maximum friction to the aural pleasure zones (oh yeah baby do it do it!!) Ahem. I apologize for the descent into the gutter, I had a temporary sticky situation developing and we can't have none of that. Oh no.

You can, however, get tons and tons of Incense Boy with no ill effects whatsoever and a shedload of benefits into the bargain. You'd have a ridiculous smile plastered all over your face and the neck nods of the spastically challenged, but BOY would it feel good. What about that eh? Managed to breach two infractions of the politically correct school in the same number of paragraphs. You don't see that every day. Although you'll need to like your electronica, I think even a casual listener would get off on the lively up yourself feel of this excellent slice of electronica. Oh, it's produced to a dazzling gloss too, and that surely should get an extra special mention.

Top Rate Electronica.

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