Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alchemystic - Into The Realm Mystical

Hear The Track Here

Gotta love this. Get what Alchemystic has to say about this track: 'a bloody cross-genre catastrophe' Having read a description like that I defy you NOT to hear the track. I mean, is that a great come on or what? Not that this artist has to resort to such low and cunning tricks because over the past few months this electronica artist has been coming on like gangbusters. So much so that anticipation of his upcoming album - due to be released shortly - is rising amongst his known fans including myself. As you know, I am not much of a one for long, drawnout instrumental epics but no-one does epics quite like Alchemystic and although there are artists involved in similar work to him, there is a specialness about Alchemystic that I find appealing.

T'wasn't always the case of course. As is typical of me, I didn't really notice what this guy was about until we were two or three tracks into the usual cycle. Maybe the Games Soundtrack genre listing was what first caused me problems but by the time Prelude rolled around (November 2005) I was hooked on this artists spectacular musical vision, as indeed are several hundred other folks who consistently visit this artists Soundclick pages. So what exactly does a 'bloody cross-genre catastrophe' sound like we ask ourselves? Sounding as if it were set in the Amazon rainforest, Into The Realm Mystical soon establishes that this an Alchemystic track; splendid instrumental choices, clever arrangements and detail, detail detail...

One of the things I've always like about this artist (despite not really getting on with the genre he works in) is his unerring ability to write melody and Into The Realm is no exception. Full to the brim with strong aural images, the track is a movie set to music; epic in scale with a definite nod towards lands and people of a far, far distant age. Having been totally immersed in Civilization IV for a couple of months, I feel that this track could have fitted into the game soundtrack as if it were made for it. That, to me, is the defining mark of this artist. This is music you can SEE belongs in a game and what a game it would be, if the music was anything to go by. I've given up thinking about how exactly to describe what this is, other than a tantalisingly good instrumental, and I have some time ahead of me yet to pick out the many features set within it. Not my favourite Alchemystic track but definitely worthy of his talent and for those people still to discover what true game music SHOULD sound like, get a listen to this.

Highly Recommended, if a bit soundtracky-y...

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