Monday, April 17, 2006

The Shed - The Parson, The Pauper and The PeepingToms

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No prizes for guessing where this artist gathers inspiration and does the music making, the only question I would want answering is what kind of shed we are talking about. Is it shed as in garden shed (peculiarity of the British Isles btw) or is it shed as in the football term shed? Enquiring minds want to know. I suspect it's garden shed because it would be a good place to get away from the family. OK, so this is where it gets complicated so try to keep up.... The Shed are a band of songwriters, musicians and general layabouts from the Emerald Isle (that's Ireland) although I don't think the term 'band' really applies here. Why? Because there are fekkin HORDES of them!! Deep breath, and here we go: Johnny B. -Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Bass etc..., Mick Stupp - Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Mandolin etc..., Rogue - Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion etc..., Yimbo - Lyrics Vocals Percussion Harmonica etc..., Martano - Lyrics Vocals Percussion etc..., Gustavo - Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Bass etc..., Froggy - Lyrics Vocals Guitars Percussion Bass computer stuff etc..., LisaZ - Lyrics vocals Keyboards Percussion Flute etc.

That's an awful lot of vocals, lyrics and etcs innit?

I guess the next question has to be who exactly does what? and on which tracks? Let's save that one for another day and get well and truly walloped with a tsunami of pleasure, fun and some of the best lyrics this reviewer has heard in many a year. Whoever is responsible for the lyrics gets a gold star from me right away. Let me say two words: The Pogues Certainly the immediate frame of reference here has to be that most excellent purveyor of 'true' traditionally based music. I can only mean that as the highest compliment because I love what The Pogues do but where The Shed differ is in the supercharged amphetamine and Guinness buzz that shovels The P and The P and the PT into your ears as if their lives depended on it. Where all this leads, my friends, is to an absolute gem of a track that I instantly loved and moved it into the serious contender for Track Of The Year in this years Stevie's - and it's only April. Nice going I'd say and I've only had it glued to me ears for the past week.

Now, think about something here. This is me talking, Ol' Nit Pick himself and I am totally sold on this amazing track.

Here's the acid test. Go and take a listen to the track, whatever your musical preference then come back and swear to me that you didn't listen to anything past 0:05 and I'll call you the biggest porkie pie teller in the world. The Parson etc is immediate, visceral and the next best thing to partaking in the substance abuse I mentioned above. A shot of adrenalin that could wake up your dead and make 'em dance, there is no doubt that The Shed have something real special going for them. I also feel I've discovered an artist I am going to grow to love; musicians who put heart and soul into their music and boy does it pay off. You could get high off the fumes of this thing. When I come to scoring this on MP3 Unsigned I think it may well be my first ever perfect 10 - because it is. The one thing I require from the music I listen to is that it connects with me in some way, usually emotionally but sometimes technically, The Shed manage to do both those things. So some words for the band: IT IS PERFECT. Whatever 'advice' anyone may have to offer is meaningless and probably of a technical nature, take it from one who knows - this track is done. Mess around with it any more and you may disrupt the enormous charge it has.

You GOTTA get this. Absolute MUST HAVE.

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