Saturday, April 29, 2006

-LMS-Miami - Crow Flyin

Hear The Track Here

-LMS- (MIAMI), in case you were wondering (as if eh), stands for Last Man Standing, a Hileah, FLA resident and (gulp) rapper. I KNOW I have that gulping problem whenever I face one of these tracks, especially on Soundclick. It one of the areas you can spend ages in and still not hear anything that would knock you on your ass, just a long line of hiphop-will-eat-itself wannabes who sound just like anything you might hear in the RW hip hop media - except without the production, songwriting, marketing, publishing and general know how that goes along with such slavery.

At this point you may suspect that I am about to chomp someones ass but it isn't so because while Crow Flyin has its down side, it also has a pretty decent upside - provided you like the jazzier/easy listening ranges of hip hop. The down sides occur in the overall production level in terms of both volume and instrument sounds. I know it's not so, but it sounds noisy, you know what I mean? There's also much in the way of repetition; it's a basic structure repeated and serving to carry the vocals, but no more than that. Not sure about this but I suspect that this is a loop based track and it shows in the way the music sits in your ears.

The plus sides are, thankfully, the vocals themselves, the rap and the accompanying 'growth line' female lead vocal line (even though it does cut off abruptly). The one thing I do require for this genre to be effective on me is a rap with authority, a rap that speaks beyond a narrow clatch of homies and LMS delivers that. Crow Flyin is a track about living and dying, a run around LMS world is an edgy, dark vision of a loser future, not your usual rapper fayre, that's for sure. As it happens, it's also what saves this track from the same old, same old. It's a track whose rap is surprisingly effective, lyrically clear and pointed and not something you want to be listening to if you are having a bad day. With the right production (this certainly isn't it) and the right song (this is soooo nearly it), LMS could be dealing with some very serious stuff. Class rap and great lyrical flow, shame the track didn't come up to the same standard.

Recommended for the rap at least.

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