Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Narykcin - What

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Another new Soundclick name to me this month, Narykcin hail from the same town as my in-laws, Lancaster PA, but that - as usual - won't cut much ice. Don't let the Instrumentals: Hip Hop genre fool you though because underneath the terse title lies something that may very well interest you. To be honest, I was watching this move up the review list without much enthusiasm because of that genre label - after all it IS a genre filled to the brim with disappointments - and not because I am antagonistic about the genre because I'm not. In fact I'm a bit of a hip hop hound because the one thing it does is experiment with rhythms and meter - as well as being well cutting edge when it wants to be - and that right there is all the main food groups I need.

As if to prove my point, Narykcin states on What's song comments 'I doubt if you've ever heard anything like it' and I doubt it too. No matter what you may be expecting to hear, What will bash that thought right into next week as it's essential weirdness registers on your brain. Hip hop maybe, but not as we know it Jim. Not unless you are talking about 17th Century hip hop anyway. Essentially a piano peice, What bounds through your ears like a sleek cheetah, it's tinkly tones dripping into your senses like healing balm and - I have to admit - makes a very pleasant listen for it's quite short (2:11) length. Personally, if this could have gone on another minute or so it would have made me happy but what I got did more than enough for me to be thankful I heard it.

It is a sure bet that you won't have heard a blending of styles like this, but it isn't without its pitfalls. There is a high level of noise on the track (from where I am not sure) and the piano tone itself tends to be a bit shrill, strident, and the whole track suffers somewhat from flatness both in the mix and in the sounds of the individual instruments. That does detract quite badly from what is otherwise a highly commendable track with it's own sense of itself. The ending is also so abrupt that it leaves a noticable note behind as a poor sad orphan. My sense is that this track was made (even recorded) on a most basic system with little or no production work and that if a remix were possible, this track would definitely raise some big time eyebrows. My recommendation is purely on the music alone, because the production quality is this tracks biggest failing.

Recommended (for the musical idea)

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